Red Kite Pictures


Here is my second gallery with some of my bettter pictures so far. Most files are slightly larger to save some quality. Some are just interesting to look at.

Some of these pics have been used in Newspapers, Council Publications, Conservation Newsletters and Web Sites.

All images are copyright so please ask for permission.

These were all taken around Radnage with a Nikon D100 or D1x digital SLR using a 300mm or 500mm lens,sometimes plus a 2x convertor. These are very compressed to to approx 50Kb to enable quick viewing compared to the original file sizes of 2Mb-3Mb. To view a large version click on the thumbnail. If you would like a print i can supply for a small fee.

1.My Best Shot ! 2. Another, the same bird 3. Chiltern Kite

4. Kite watching my barbq !

5.Chiltern Kite Feeding 6.Chiltern Kite Close Up
7.Low flying Kite......... 8. .......Lookin for......... 9. ......Worms !!
10. Four Kite Display 11. Kite Display 12.Kite & Magpie
13. Kite takes pigeon bits 14. Kite playing with twig 15. Kite Brawl !!

Just in case you think i am a real Kite Anorak...


Here are some other pics i have taken ..............


I enjoy photography as much as Kites....

Little Owl on our Wash Line

Red Arrows at Scampton

Barrichello at 2003 British GP