Red Kite Pictures


Here is my first gallery of pictures. To view a large version click on the thumbnail. These were all taken around Radnage with a Nikon D100 or D1X digital SLR using a 300mm or 500mm lens, sometimes plus a 2x convertor. These are very compressed to 50Kb or so to enable quick viewing compared to the original file sizes of at least 2Mb-3Mb.

All images are copyright so please ask for permission.

If you would like a print i can supply for a small fee.

Chiltern Kite Chiltern Kite Chiltern Kite 8 pink

Chiltern Kite 75 black (21Kb)

Chiltern Kite (31Kb) Chiltern Kite 8 pink
Kites at roost (106Kb !!) Chiltern Kite 32 white Kite Display
Kite Display (31Kb) Kite Display Kite Display
Visiting Midland Kite E (31Kb) Visiting Midland Kite E (31Kb) Kite E, 4 weeks later

28 kites circling

Food scrap

Food scrap

Buzzard,often mistaken for a RedKite

Kite and Buzzard together

Another, of them


What are these Wing Tags all about ??